The Lake

The carp that inhabit the lake are stunning specimens, both mirrors and commons over 40lbs. The majority have starburst scales, incredible colouring and sturdy bodies. They are powerful fighters and you will enjoy the challenge of catching them.

You may have the chance to catch your personal best carp at Lac du Pèlerin. Our carp range upwards of 40lbs. The potential catch for anglers is exciting.

The lake is accessible from all sides and there are grassy banks to bivvy up right on your rods & watch those lunking carp. The lake extends to a little over 5 acres of fishable water. The water quality is superb and the lake bed has a good natural food source - we even have swan mussels, just shows how rich and clean our water is! All this and enclosed by mature woodland - Brilliant!

The features extend over the complete lake - an island, with willow trees & reeds, a lake bottom with many humps & troughs and a small riverbed which gives a good source of blood worms, snails etc. The depths vary from 3ft to 12 ft which means the carpest can cover all eventualities with three rods.

We are establishing a lily pad bed which will just enhance Lac du Pèlerin's beauty and give the resident dragonfly, frogs and damsels somewhere to explore, along with the mirrors & commons of course.

To compliment the water chain at Lac du Pèlerin other species such as tench, roach, pike and zander balance the natural cycle.